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no promises is a real life rp set in the fictional massachusetts town of bayport. we are a laid back, character driven site with no word count and a shipper app. don't forget to take a look at our face claims and reserves and please, register with your character's first and last name in lowercase, like so: bob morley. if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask us in the cbox or our ask an admin thread located in our member services forum!
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city guide by penny on Dec 3 2017, 09:59 PM
everything you need to know before joining us can be found here. please read through each thread carefully before registering your account. if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to an admin.
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announcement one by kaye on Dec 8 2017, 03:02 PM
all important updates including activity checks and site events will be posted here. we ask that you check this forum regularly to make sure you're on top of any changes happening on site or fun new events to participate in!
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ask an admin by caleb halstead on Yesterday at 11:02 pm
whether you have questions, suggestions, want to archive a character, or found a bug in the skin, there is a designated thread to meet your needs. if you need help with something that involves another member, we ask that you contact a staff member privately.
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tfln by caleb halstead on Yesterday at 10:54 pm
this forum is for all of your out of character needs. if you wish to play games, post an absence, or strike up some conversation with other members, you can do so right here in the designated areas. community codes can be found here, and so can graphics help. (which is open to all members of the site to request, or provide graphics for others to use!)
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kelly t. delaney by kelly delaney on 1 minutes ago
after registering your account, this is where you should go next. you can find our application codes here, as well as sub-forums to sort them into when you're ready. and bear in mind that if you aren't finished yet, and choose to post it in incomplete, all you need to do is give the thread a nudge once you're done in the form of a reply! the admins will get to it as quickly as they can after you've done so.
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member directory by melinda abreu on Yesterday at 10:59 pm
before registering an account, this should be your first stop. the face claim is first come, first serve, so be sure to reserve the face you're hoping to use before working on the character to avoid losing the face to another member. our member directory is mandatory and needs to be completely filled out for activity checks, so please be sure to keep yours updated!
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chance j. mackey by penny on Today at 12:10 am
once a shipper has been read and accepted, it will be moved here and sorted by your character's age. please don't forget to use our provided shipper reply code and to post in the other person's shipper when plotting!
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it's delish! by aidan fairchild on 13 minutes ago
be it a friend, a romantic connection, an entire family, or any and everything in between that you're looking for, requests for them can be posted here! when making a request, please make sure to post in the correct sub-forum so that people can know what you’re looking for. requests can be bumped once a week if necessary and once one has been filled, please remember to post in thread moderation so that it can be archived. this forum is guest friendly!
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rose v. barrow by rose barrow on 24 minutes ago
development beyond an application and shipper posts can be key to really bringing a character to life and if that's something you're interested in, this is the forum to do it in.
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@moonpops by poppy moon on 39 seconds ago
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its going down tonight ❞ by piper sullivan on Yesterday at 09:18 pm
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runs to you [jcink] by alison on Yesterday at 11:48 pm
this should be the only spot on the board you come to advertise your board. please post in the appropriate sub forum and only post once otherwise your ads will be deleted. guest friendly
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